Alfalink EI-215

alfalink EI 215


1. English - Indonesian

2. Indonesian - English

3. Contains of 185.000 Words

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Alfalink EI-160

Alfalink  dictionary EI-160



1. English - Indonesian

2. Indonesian - English

3. Contains of 160.000 Words
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Alfalink EI-116

alfalink dict

Model # EI-116
Specification Device Type :

Size : 120mm x 75mm x 10 mm
Weight : 60 gr
Battery Type : 1 x CR 2032 Lithium Battery

A new unique design for electronic dictionary EI-116 (Key Hanger)


1. Greetings and Farewells

2. Thanks

3. Request

4. Invitation

5. Agreement and Refusal

6. Regrets, Sympathy

7. Apologies

8. Congratulations

9. Language

8 - Digit Calculator


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alfalink center

Alfalink is dictionary brand from Indonesian company, with digital function, easy to translate word from more 40 country. P.T. Freshindo Marketama Corporation is the largest distributor in Indonesia of electronic dictionaries, electronic Bibles, electronic Al Quran, organizers, calculators, and other miscellaneous office products.

We have been in the business since 1985, making us the first distributor of electronic dictionaries in Indonesia. Our reputation among consumers is unparalleled and we are committed to only the highest customer service.

Our headquarter is located in metropolitan Jakarta and we have four branch offices in Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Bali. We have more than ten distribution centers strategically located through out Indonesia to complement our branch offices. This comprehensive reach allows us to better service our customers. We are expanding aggressively and expect to open more offices and distribution centers in the future.

We are constantly seeking business opportunities with suppliers. We specialize in the marketing and distribution of office related products and services. If you are interested in an established, aggressive, and customer-oriented distributor in Indonesia.

Customer Service:

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