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  • Human Voice in 5 Languages (English, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic & Malay)

  • 2,300 Useful Phrases in English, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic & Malay

  • 16 Categories of Conversation

1. Communication

- Phrases, Thanks, Apology, Asking Again, Basic Question, Saying Hello, Saying Goodbye, Conversation

- Invitation, Expressing Sympathy, Emotion, Quarrel, Congratulations, Phrases Of Love

2. Accommodation

- Looking For Hotel, Reservation, Checking In, Front Desk, Room Service, Laundry, Operator

- Problems, Business Center, Checking Out

3. Meals

- Looking For A Restaurant, Reservation, Order, Waiter's Service, Payment, Chinese Food-Beijing Cuisine

- Chinese Food-Shanghai Cuisine, Chinese Food-Szachung Cuisine, Chinese Food-Cantonese Cuisine

- Japanese Food, Thai Food, Vietnamese Food, Korean Food, Indian Food, French Food, Italian Food

- Mexican Food, Western Food

4. Sightseeing

- Leaving Country, In The Plane, Entering A Country, Tourist Information, Sightseeing/Tours

- Exchanging Money, Photography

5. Transportation

- Airplane, Ship, Train, Underground Railway, Taxi, Bus, Car, Map

6. Entertainment

- Recreation, Bar, Night Club, Karaoke, Disco, Sauna Bath, Casino

7. Shopping

- Looking For A Store, Purchasing, Bargaining, Paying, Clothes/Tailor

8. Emergency

- Asking For Help, Lost/Theft, Sudden Illness/Injury, Symptom/Diseases, Hospital, Pharmacy

9. Telecom/Mail

- Mailing, Telephone, Telegram/Fax/Page

10. Business Conversation

- Meeting, Payment Terms, Letter Of Credit, Shipment Documents, General Term Of Trade, Interview

11. Basic

- Numbers, Time, Date/Week, Months, Colors, Figure, Position, Unit

12. General Knowledge

- Weather/Geography, Country, City, Vacation Places, Animal, Plant, Insect

13. Living

- Housing, Electrical Appliances, Furniture, Sleeping Set, Clothing, Shoes/Hosiery/Headgears

- Size/Materials, Toiletry, Cosmetic, Skin Care, Jewelry & Accessories, Souvenirs, Office Appliance

- Telecommunication Product, Tools

14. Food

- Beverages, Meat, Vegetable, Sea Food, Daily Food, Bar Snack, Fruit, Meals, Taste, Cooking

- Condiments, Chinese Desert, Western Desert, Chinese Snack, Western Snack, Alcoholic Beverage

- Dinner Set

15. Human Being

- Family, Education, Occupation, Marriage, Race, Religion, Society, Festival, Zodiac

- Music/Music Instruments, Chinese Year/Birth Of 12 Animal

16. Sports

- Ball Games, Water Sports, General Sports, Terms Of Games, Swimming, Golf

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